Same Day Courier Service in Essex

Freephone: 0800 051 9383 | Mobile: 07470 031324 | Office: 01245 425562

Frequently Asked Questions

The best van to get is the cheapest to run; the bigger the van the more expense but there is generally more work available for larger vans. Give me a call and I can explain how it all works. I only take the right people on who won't let me down. And no, it is not Multi-drop, it's a Same Day Courier service.

The Same Day Courier service is exactly what it says—we pick up your order and deliver direct to the final destination the same day. Note that there is no swapping of your goods to other vans during the delivery.

Yes. As soon as we leave your premises we will give you a ETA for your goods, and we will keep you informed if there are any delays along the way.

All our drivers have hire or reward insurance (Courier Insurance) and goods in transit insurance, giving you the peace of mind that if anything does happen, you are fully covered.

Yes that's no problem, a Same Day Courier can be booked for tomorrow. Just let us know what time you'd like us there.

That depends on your area. Normally we have a courier at your premises within 20–40mins but if it is a more remote area we will give you a ETA.

That would be no problem at all and yes, we can offer discounts for repeat work.

Yes that's no problem at all; keys, laptops passports—if it fits in a van we deliver it.

Any other questions?

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